Because it doesn't get Blood Supply, it's hypersensitive to HSD Enzymes, Cortisol, Insulin and Estrogen.



The new way to Lose Belly Fat

Posted by MovementFirst on Thursday, 26 November 2015


Quickest Way to Lose Body Fat!

Defeat any fat loss plateau with a winning hormonal strategy

how to reduce belly fat for men

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Without calories, crunches and long runs. Lose Belly Fat Fast!

"Excited to have finished this program! I feel stronger and look better. Hard to believe how long I struggled with this stupid fat loss plateau and now the spare tire is finally gone. I wish there was more information about building muscles after but very happy the stomach is gone."

− Ahmed I.

"Already got over my body fat plateau and lost 4kg of stomach fat in the first 2 weeks. WOW! Really impressed with the results so far! The science behind it is super useful, totally addicted!!"

− Ali B.

"Having worked with Jacob before, I wanted learn to be a better trainer and help my clients lose their stomach fat fast. Jacob is one crazy ape, but he knows what he is doing. Excellent stuff buddy."

− Matt S.

"I consider myself a fit man with a stubborn stomach. Incredible how 1 hour with the right person can change EVERYTHING. I've tried everything from men's health, to insanity workouts and this program puts them all to shame. This is by far the BEST way to lose fat."

− Paul R.

"I was so skeptical when you said you will show me how to get rid of love handles. Thanks for proving me wrong. As someone who really struggled losing belly fat even though I trained hard, I really recommend it. Amazing experience!"

− John L.

"Worked well as needed to lose my gut before a holiday and flatten my stomach. The exercises to get rid of belly fat works well and the added material for abs is working nicely. Two thumbs up."

− Danny W.

"I previously had some success with cardio, HIIT, Tabata etc... I'm glad I tried your program, it was another level of results. If you searched how to reduce belly fat for men or needed that last bit of lower belly fat taken care of - this is totally for you."

− Sam E.

"I heavily researched how to reduce belly fat for men and never understood how cortisol store stubborn fat yet exercise (to lose belly fat) actively increase cortisol. It finally makes sense and I see the results. Thanks!"

− Pablo R.

"My biggest fat loss plateau is rooted in my type II Diabetes (insulin resistance). I needed a fast way to lose weight as my health was getting worse so I was looking how to reduce belly fat for men in my position. I did it over 8 weeks (instead of 5) and my Diabetes is reversed. Amazing result."

− Andre S.

"Hardly surprising people run into every fat loss plateau under the sun when all they think about is calories. If you ever thought calories didn't sit quite right, you really should read this."

− Natalie P.

"As a personal trainer, I found this to be valuable for the results I can deliver to my clients. Anyone can motivate or mumble about calories but knowing hormones, dealing with a suprise fat loss plateau, improving body mechanics and how to reduce belly fat for men vs women is an absolute goldmine. "

− Mark T.

For years I have research how to reduce belly fat for men while overcoming every fat loss plateau on the planet. I’m excited to share the results!

How much can you change your body in just 5 weeks?

“Counting Calories is as stupid as Killing time”

The Quickest Way to Lose Body Fat

Forget everything you knew about fitness!

This training system offers a unique approach, especially effective to those wondering how to reduce belly fat for men and overcome any fat loss plateau. There is no mention of calories, metabolism or even crunches. It’s proven, scientifically based and I think you will love it!

Where is the proof? Check out the quickest way to lose body fat, to see results, numbers and photo evidence.

BellyProof 2.0 is all about teaching you how to reduce belly fat for men.

Only the best methods. No time wasting. No confusion.



  • Based on advanced nutrition science and deep knowledge of functional human systems to break through any fat loss plateau 3-4x times faster, visible results in 2 weeks.
  • Risk-Free, 30 days money-back guarantee on digital products if unsatisfied*
  • Instant access to program videos (Exercises to Lose Body Fat)
  • Extra reading materials for those who want the science behind how to reduce belly fat for men, all included in the free version.
*additional services such as meal planning or personal training, are not covered.
quickest way to lose body fat


The program takes advantage of asymmetrical functional patterns to activate more muscle while positively challenging posture, strength and stability. The stability challange also means you lose stomach fat fast.


Learn how to reduce belly fat for men and overcome any fat loss plateau with the full program.

Personalized Meal Plan (optional)

Based on your Macronutrients profile, Schedule, Allergies and Taste

Diets don’t have to be hard. Break through your fat loss plateau without compromising on taste.

Meal-plan for weight loss

Some of the goodies include:

  • How to reduce belly fat for men by maximizing the HGH response.
  • The quickest way to lose body fat and master hormonal balance.
  • Burn belly fat naturally by amplifying muscle activity.
  • Supplements and nutrition protocols to speed up results.
  • What do 10 days before a holiday / photoshoot.
  • How to get those v shaped abs adonis belt



Proven and Tested! How to Reduce Belly Fat for Men Fast:

There are two mainstream approaches to belly fat. The first relies on small healthy changes that are done over a long time (at least 1 year) to improve your well-being, the second approach relies on eating less and training hard while ignoring your well-being and health altogether.

Most programs operate under the promise of helping you burn off stubborn stomach fat but all they do is make you work hard while relying on calories, the “after burn effect”, “metabolism” and eating less.  Whenever hitting a fat loss plateau, these programs assume more of the same. We offer a different approach that is more refined and targeted to help you burn belly fat fast.

  1. Lowering your Insulin levels – Insulin is a fat storing hormone. One great strategy to help you lose stomach fat fast is lowering your Insulin before training which also works to prevent obesity by improving insulin resistance.
  2. Lowering Glycogen – Glycogen directly competes with fat. If you take away the competition, your body has to burn fat.
  3. Breaking fat – you MUST break fat first by targeting muscle fibres from type 2B to increase GH and work at anaerobic capacity. Many people hit a fat loss plateau because they ignore this step and never take the time to understand how to reduce belly fat for men properly.
  4. Burning fat – Via maximum aerobic utilization of type 1 fibres, which are rich in Mitochondria. As long as you’ve followed the steps, maximizing activity here would be the quickest way to lose body fat.

Refining the science behind how to reduce belly fat for men so that its useful.

Fact: It’s possible to lose body fat with traditional approaches BUT… it is a slow process.

The big question: How do we optimize the process aims to be the quickest way to lose body fat while overcoming every fat loss plateau?

Who is it not for?

Not designed for people wondering how to lose belly fat without exercise or those after the magic bullet. It takes work but this program will show you EXACTLY what to do.

What’s wrong with regular cardio?

  • Most of us don’t have the prerequisites to move correctly. For example: when thinking how to reduce belly fat for men, many will recommend running. I’m sure you can run, but whether you can run well is something you alone cannot answer.
  • Bad mechanics causes inflammation which raises Cortisol levels and creating a severe fat loss plateau.
  • Steady aerobic is not following the biological sequence required to reduce belly fat for men. This results in losing water weight and glycogen but not fat.  This is known as  “yo-yo weight”.
  • Cardio refers to the cardiac muscle, the heart. The heart is important, but ignoring the same effect in other muscles is not wise.

Although not directly the quickest way to lose body fat, you still need to get a good night sleep, protein intake, sufficient dietary fiber and water consumption.

Losing belly  fat is hard because you’re dealing with stubborn fat. To really address it, we have to consider what makes stubborn fat so stubborn:

  1. High Estrogen / Low Testosterone which makes losing the belly a very difficult task, especially for men. Therefore, We need to reduce estrogen, reduce the aromatizing process and increase Testosterone which partly regulate if you men lose lower belly fat. This is also going to make a big difference for those looking how to lose chest fat for men.
  2. Limited Blood Flow, if you touch the fat in stubborn areas you’ll find it is colder in temperature. Why? Because it receives less blood flow and blood carries oxygen and hormones vital for fat loss. This is the most common reason people reach a fat loss plateau.
  3. Elevated Cortisol and HSD Enzymes which amplifies cortisol response even if Cortisol itself is within normal range. Cortisol is primarily active in abdominal fat, which may explain central obesity and it requires a special approach.

We take a serious approach to addressing all three within the full program.

how to reduce belly fat for men

It’s not just for men

Sure, most of the research into body transformations and how to reduce belly fat for men, has been traditionally done with male subjects.However, much of it is still applicable to women who hit a fat loss plateau. The only difference is that men tend to lose the belly faster, almost always.

How to reduce belly fat for men with 8 simple life hacks:

You can find much more information in the free version above.

1. Eat more protein

Eating more protein has well known for it’s effects on body composition and it can absolutely help you reduce fat accumulation in the long run.
Some of the less known things about protein is the 60% reduction in cravings and an increase in strength. If you’re stronger and you don’t crave so much food, you are more likely to work harder at the gym.

2. Restrict Carbohydrates (low-carb diet) and don’t ignore food combinations.

This is not a hype, after all, carbs are essentially complex sugar that when broken down, spike insulin response. Insulin is the enemy of all your effort to burn stomach fat fast because it triggers fat storage.

There is a fantastic tip in the free download (nutrition file) that you really should understand about how to combine foods.

3. Cut sugar, sweetener and “zero calories” drinks

Sugar is inflammatory and sweeteners includes various chemicals that tricks our brain to sense sweetness while avoiding detection of calorie. This creates a chain of problems varying from toxicity, to inflammation and tissue degeneration.

How to reduce belly fat for men? For starters, try and cut sugar from your diet and stop looking for ways to cheat your body by buying into artificial sweeteners.

4. Learn how to manage cortisol, HSD Enzymes and stress

Cortisol and HSD enzymes are the main reasons why we store fat in our bellies. The fat around abdominal tissue is a lot more receptive to Cortisol fat storing effects as well, rendering it one of the biggest causes of belly fat in men as it inhibits and create a fat loss plateau.

5. Do not eat five to six meals a day

This may be a good advice for a bodybuilder but it’s not healthy and it’s not helping your weight loss efforts as much as you think it does.

On the other hand, intermittent fasting is a much better way to go about it and it has health benefits that stretch all the way from reducing belly fat for men and women and all the way to longevity and tissue repair.

6.  Steady state cardio is a very small part of the solution.

When you go for a run, you are engaging the aerobic system. This could help you burn fat that’s circulating in your blood but it can’t really help you break fat tissue so that it ends up circulating ready to be burnt. As a result of not having enough fat for energy, our bodies turn to glycogen which is an energy source unrelated to fat. Glycogen binds water which is part of the reason we sweat a lot, but sweating doesn’t mean you are losing weight, just water.

Lastly, when glycogen storage run low, we produce lactic acid (the burn your feel in your muscles), and while this can be helpful, it’s a very slow way to go about things.

7. Strength training and Estrogen

You simply cannot rely just on “cardio” for your training, both for health reasons and for reasons of trying to be effective with your efforts. Besides the many health benefits of strength training, it will help you improve blood lipid profile which would contribute to greater surface area to burn fat (via GLUT4) as well as an increase in testosterone.

This on it’s own is pretty good but the problem most of us don’t know about is that a lot of those positive testosterone gains (which helps you get leaner) are being offset by the process of aromatizing.  If you’re struggling with Moobs or fatty thighs, you’ve experienced it first hand. Taking steps to balance this hormonal deficit is the quickest way to lose body fat in the chest and thighs.

8. Improve sleep induced Growth Hormone production

Growth hormone helps you target belly fat and if you set yourself right, you might just produce more growth hormone while your sleep. Part of the reasons sleep is so important for weight loss is the fact that lack of sleep result in high levels of Cortisol, which really doesn’t help you reduce belly fat and is considered the biggest fat loss plateau.


The world is full of contradictions about weight loss and fitness. It’s not easy to ask “but why?” and argue with the experts, but it’s the only way to get further and find what works and why.

This work is the result of my research into how to reduce belly fat for men. I broke down the hormonal science of what we know works (i.e. sprints), ignored the arguments that didn’t make sense (i.e. calories) and put together a masterpiece program that you can use and I’m confident will be the quickest way to lose body fat you have ever experienced. Even better, it MAKES SENSE!

I believe there is no better way to overcome any fitness plateau and get results than by utilizing the knowledge I’ve refined over the last few years. Used on myself and many of my clients with great success and by publishing this program, I wanted to share my knowledge and expertise into overcoming any fat loss plateau. This is how to reduce belly fat for men, the smart way.