Because it doesn't get Blood Supply, it's hypersensitive to HSD Enzymes, Cortisol, Insulin and Estrogen.




Alter Metabolic Responses

How to Get Rid of Love Handles, Chest Fat and Reduce Belly Fat for Men!

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Quickest Way to Lose Body Fat

The quickest way to lose belly fat for men and women. Imagine yourself in a speedo or a bikini.

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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Without calories, crunches and long runs. Laser targeted approach.


Making an effort to lose stomach fat fast is important, not only because it’s ugly… and jiggly… but also as visceral fat is linked to low libido, poor sleep, different diseases and sheer lack of self-confidence. It’s not good. Heck, it’s borderline EVIL.

We all know that losing the gut will involve better eating and some exercise but what we don’t know is how INEFFICIENTLY PAINFUL AND SLOW THE PROCESS IS. Traditional approaches don’t work because unlike subcutaneous fat, belly fat & visceral fat:

  • Receives limited blood flow.
  • Is over sensitive to Insulin, Cortisol and Estrogen (fat storing hormones).
  • Is affected by HSD Enzymes that store belly fat fast even if Cortisol levels are within normal range.

In the video below, you will learn how by using a more precise technique that gets you better results, we can burn belly fat faster.

Note for the skeptics: Since you can’t photoshop a video, I didn’t rely on photos and instead took a video proof of everything including times / dates. The six pack & muscles were there before, only covered with a thick layer of belly fat and visceral fat.

Over 90% of everyone following the program, made the effort to send us an email reporting good results.

"I'm excited to have finished this program! I feel stronger and look better. Can't believe the spare tire is finally gone. I wish there was more information about building muscles after but very happy the stomach is gone."

− Ahmed I.

"In already lost 5kg of stomach fat fast, in the first 2 weeks. WOW! Really impressed with the results so far! The science behind it is super useful, totally addicted!!"

− Ravi B.

"Having worked with Jacob before, I wanted learn to be a better trainer and help my clients lose their stomach fat fast. Jacob is one crazy ape, but he knows what he is doing. Excellent stuff buddy."

− Matt S.

"I always wanted to do something about my fat stomach but could not exercise due to back pain. With Jacob's help, back pain was gone after 3 days (better result than my physio), I felt better and lost my target weight. Life Changing."

− Lauren D.

"I consider myself a fit man with a stubborn stomach. Incredible how 1 hour with the right person can change EVERYTHING. I've tried everything from men's health, to insanity workouts and while I think some of the videos needs better quality, this program puts them all to shame."

− Paul R.

"I was so skeptical when you said you will show me how to get rid of love handles. Thanks for proving me wrong. As someone who really struggled losing belly fat even though I trained hard, I really recommend it. Amazing experience!"

− John L.

"Worked well as needed to lose my gut before a holiday and flatten my stomach. The exercises to get rid of belly fat works well and the added material for abs is working nicely. Two thumbs up."

− Danny W.

"I previously had some success with cardio, HIIT, Tabata etc... I'm glad I tried your program, it was another level of results. If you want to lose stomach fat fast, or that last bit lower belly of fat taken care of - this is totally for you."

− Sam E.

"I heavily researched how to reduce belly fat for men and never understood how cortisol store stubborn fat yet exercise (to lose belly fat) actively increase cortisol. It finally makes sense and I see the results. Thanks!"

− Pablo R.

Unmatched results – The best way to lose stomach fat fast, really fast.

  • 4 Programs to Mobilize, Break and Burn Fat Fast in a fun, uber-efficient structure.
  • Videos, Documentation, Nutrition, Online Tracking App and support.
  • NEW Straight-forward protocols to balance Testosterone, Cortisol, HSD Enzymes & more…
  • NEW Protocols to boost Growth Hormone secretion by up to 700% while you sleep.

Expect to melt belly fat fast, visible changes in 2 weeks.

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“Counting Calories is as stupid as Killing time”

The Quickest Way to Lose Body Fat


A blueprint to finally burn stomach fat fast.

  • How to reduce belly fat for men 3-4x times faster, visible results in 2 weeks.
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*additional services such as meal planning or personal training, are not covered.


The program takes advantage of asymmetrical functional patterns to activate more muscle while positively challenging posture, strength and stability. Also 4x times more muscle activation means you lose stomach fat fast.


Personalized Meal Plan (optional)

Based on your Macronutrients profile, Schedule, Allergies and Taste

Diets don’t have to be hard. Eliminate stomach fat fast without compromising on taste.

Some of the goodies include:

  • Burn stomach fat fast by maximizing the HGH response.
  • Important hormonal reactions in how to reduce belly fat for men vs women.
  • Burn belly fat naturally by amplifying muscle activity.
  • Water manipulation protocol to lose belly fat in 1 week.
  • Supplements and nutrition protocols to speed up results.
  • What do 10 days before a holiday / photoshoot.
  • How to get those v shaped abs adonis belt






Scroll below for the full protocol to lose stomach fat fast.

4 Proven Ways to Reduce Belly Fat for Men Fast

Most programs operate under the promise of helping you burn off stubborn stomach fat but all they do is make you work hard while relying on calories, the “after burn effect”, “metabolism” and eating less. They help you lose weight but not lose stomach fat fast. They refuse to address the reasons that makes problem fat so stubborn. To burn belly fat, you need to attack it with a different approach:

  1. Lowering your Insulin levels – otherwise, losing weight, and especially abdominal fat becomes impossible. One great strategy to help you lose stomach fat fast is lowering your Insulin before training which also works to prevent obesity by improving insulin resistance.
  2. Lowering Glycogen – This is because glycogen directly competes with fat. If you take away the competition, your body has to burn fat. Lowering glycogen is a pre-condition to any weight loss. Due to elevated cortisol levels (direct consequence), we need a protocol to manage both to make it possible to lose abdominal fat & visceral fat. This could be used with a clever strategy to also build muscle, if you practice smart carb-cycling.
  3. Breaking fat – you MUST break fat first by targeting muscle fibres from type 2B to increase GH. A must if you are serious about losing stomach fat fast.
  4. Burning fat – Via complex, whole body movements at a level that targets type 1 muscle fibres. These are high in Mitochondria which is a where broken fats (free-fatty-acids) are being oxidized for energy production.

You must have a good metabolic structure to burn stomach fat fast.

fat sequence

Buy now and learn how to reduce belly fat for men, knowledge that you can keep for life.

Fact: It’s possible to lose body fat with traditional approaches BUT… it is a slow process.

The big question: Can we optimize the process to make it easier for you to lose body fat fast?

A scientific solution to reduce belly fat for men and deal with stubborn fat which is linked to many diseases. If you struggled with your beer belly, chest fat or simply wanted to try effective belly fat exercises for love handles and back fat, this program will blow your mind!

Has the program been running long?

Since December 2014, with dozens of people experimenting and giving feedback. The results were impressive, with 98% losing their stomach fat quickly and getting amazing body transformations. When put in comparison to a 12 weeks body transformation, our program managed to get similar results in half the time, with first results at 2 weeks. There were other health benefits such as better cholesterol and blood pressure, mood, and cardiovascular health. They proved that losing the stomach, chest and back fat is directly correlated to hormonal states.

Currently in its’ 2nd edition, we hope to bring better results and help more people melt away stomach fat fast, anywhere in the world, by using cutting edge scientific knowledge.

Who is it not for?

Not designed for people wondering how to lose belly fat without exercise or those after the magic bullet. It takes work but this program will show you EXACTLY what to do, I guarantee you will lose stomach fat fast.

What’s wrong with regular cardio?

  • Most of us don’t have the prerequisites to move correctly. For example: when thinking how to lose belly fat for men, many will recommend running. I’m sure you can run, but whether you can run well is something you alone cannot answer.
  • Steady aerobic is not following the biological sequence required to lose belly fat for men. This results in losing water weight and glycogen, weight loss indeed but not fat loss.  This is known as  “yo-yo weight” and it means you weren’t actually losing belly fat, just losing water.
  • Cardio refers to the cardiac muscle, the heart. The heart is important, still, it’s only one muscle and losing stubborn stomach fat fast will require more.

What’s in the free course?

  • The sequence of how to reduce belly fat for men explained from the hormonal perspective.
  • Practical new views on calories & metabolism.
  • Bonus exercises to lose body fat in just 10 minutes a day.

Although not directly the quickest way to lose body fat, you still need to get a good night sleep, protein intake, sufficient dietary fiber and water consumption. Protocols included in the program.

Losing stomach fat fast is hard because you’re dealing with stubborn fat. To really address it, we have to consider what makes stubborn fat so stubborn:

  1. High Estrogen / Low Testosterone which makes losing the belly a very difficult task, especially for men. Therefore, We need to reduce estrogen, reduce the aromatizing process and increase Testosterone which partly regulate if you men lose lower belly fat fast.
  2. Limited Blood Flow, if you touch the fat in stubborn areas you’ll find it is colder in temperature. Why? Because it receives less blood flow and blood carries oxygen and hormones vital for the weight loss process.
  3. Elevated Cortisol and HSD Enzymes which amplifies cortisol response even if Cortisol is within normal range.  That means you are storing fat with cortisol, even if cortisol itself is low. Cortisol is mainly active in abdominal fat, which may explain central obesity. This requires a healthy weight loss approach and it’s often the reason people struggle to lose weight despite good efforts.

These three factors will undermine your efforts to lose stubborn stomach fat fast. We take a serious approach to address them within the full program.

How to lose stomach fat fast


What is the correct body fat percentage for abs to show?

The required level of body fat percentage for abs to be revealed changes depending on the size of your abs. On average, men can aim for 14% body fat and women to about 21%. In my case, I can even see my abs in 20% body fat – if this is what you’re after, check out the added bonuses (ninja option) that will show you exactly how to build enough mass on your abs so it shows under any and all conditions.

If you want to learn the best ways to test, head down to our body fat percentage chart.

8 Simple Life Hacks you can start with even today

This is not what the program is about, but if you’re looking for something to start with, here are some excellent suggestions.

1. Eat more protein

Eating more protein has well known for it’s effects on body composition and while not directly the best way to burn belly fat, it can absolutely help you reduce fat accumulation in the long run.
Some of the less known things about protein is the 60% reduction in cravings and an increase in strength. If you’re stronger and you don’t crave so much food, you are a lot more likely to work harder at the gym.
Conclusion: aim to increase protein consumption, especially animal protein if your diet allows.

2. Restrict Carbohydrates (low carb diet) and don’t ignore food combinations.

This is not a hype, after all, carbs are essentially complex sugar that when broken down, spikes insulin response. Insulin is the enemy of all your effort to burn stomach fat fast because it triggers fat storage.

One of the things that are very important to pay attention to are high concentrations of carbohydrates and fat in meals. So while bread on it’s own may not be a disaster, and avocado may be considered a healthy fat that can aid the process of losing belly fat for men… the combination of those two in a short time frame is a whole different story.

Fat slows everything down. If you large amount of fat and protein in one meal, you would get a slow release of protein.

However, large amounts of fat and carbohydrates amount to slow release of carbohydrates which as you can see, is going to trigger the fat-storing actions of Insulin over a longer period of time.

Fat and Carbohydrates are also an addictive combination making you want to eat more. You will find junk food, ice-creams, sweets etc..  aims to combine fat and carbs deliberately to increase more food cravings and drive more profits for the food industry, on your expense.

3. Cut sugar, sweetener and “zero calories” drinks

Sugar is inflammatory and sweeteners includes various chemicals that tricks our brain to sense sweetness while avoiding detection of traditional calorie testing. This creates a chain of problems varying from toxicity, to inflammation and degeneration.

Of course belly fat can’t be ignored because sugar is one of the main causes of belly fat. So how to lose belly fat for men? First step is to try and cut sugar from your diet and stop looking for ways to cheat the “calories” system by buying into artificial sweeteners. Better yet, don’t count calories and watch the video about them above.

4. Learn how to manage cortisol, HSD Enzymes and stress

Cortisol and HSD enzymes are the main reasons why we store fat in our bellies. The fat around abdominal tissue is a lot more receptive to Cortisol fat storing effects as well. One of the best protocols in our program is the Cortisol management which allows for easy way to reduce both Cortisol levels and HSD Enzymes activity resulting in a successful effort to lose stomach fat fast as we remove obstacles.

5. Do not eat five to six meals a day

This may be a good advice if you’re trying to build muscle and don’t care about wrecking your insulin sensitivity levels (as bodybuilders often do), but it’s not healthy and it’s not helping your weight loss efforts as much as you think it does.

On the other hand, intermittent fasting is a much better way to go about it and it has health benefits that stretch all the way from reducing belly fat for men and women and all the way to longevity and tissue repair.

6.  Steady state cardio is a very small part of the solution.

When you go for a run, you are engaging the aerobic system. This could help you burn fat that’s circulating in your blood but it can’t really help you break fat tissue so that it ends up circulating ready to be burnt. As a result of not having enough fat for energy, our bodies turn to glycogen which is an energy source unrelated to fat. Glycogen binds water which is part of the reason we sweat a lot, but sweating doesn’t mean you are losing weight, just water.

Lastly, when glycogen storages run out, we start producing lactic acid (the burn your feel in your muscles), and while this can be helpful, it’s a very slow way to go about things.

7. Strength training and Estrogen

You simply cannot rely just on “cardio” for your training, both for health reasons and for reasons of trying to be effective with your efforts. Besides the many health benefits of strength training, it will help you improve blood lipid profile which would contribute to greater surface area to burn fat (via GLUT4) as well as an increase in testosterone.

This on it’s own is pretty good but the problem most of us don’t know about is that a lot of those positive testosterone gains (which helps you get leaner) are being offset by the process of aromatizing.  This means your positive testosterone turns into negative Estrogen and of course estrogen (oestrogen) is responsible for moobs, belly fat, thigh fat and overall unhealthy hormonal balance. No gunt exercise can offset that, only a change in the hormonal balance

8. Improve sleep induced Growth Hormone production

Growth hormone helps you target belly fat and if you set yourself right, you might just produce more growth hormone while your sleep. Part of the reasons why sleep is so important for weight loss is the fact that lack of sleep result in high levels of cortisol, which really doesn’t help you reduce belly fat.

The less known effect is that during sleep, you produce growth hormone which acts directly on belly fat. You can improve your growth hormone production by over 900% !! by reducing lights, taking Glutamine, Arginine and BCAAs. The exact protocol is reserved for those who buy the program but it’s very powerful in producing visible results.

I’m currently in the process of redoing the experiment with newer and improved protocols. This would be live blogged from September 22nd here