Kinect Health – A fantastic group of therapists, only 5 minutes walk from the gym. They are one of the UK leading authorities on soft tissue therapy and pain with movement. I have had the pleasure of being their patient, their employee and their student. By request, my clients are now entitled to a special rate.

Whether you have pain, complex medical issues I can’t help with or whether you can use some maintenance and tweaking to your joints, muscles and tissues after hard training and a complex life style, you can now  take this exclusive opportunity to work with the best in the field and do better work to resolve issues.

Fitness First – We use the premium facilities provided by Fitness First in the heart of London. Fitness first centers have recently been redesigned to accommodate movement and functional training. This fact alone puts them ahead of the competition and have driven us to work with them.

stagandfistStag & Fist–  Our favorite ethical clothing brand. They are using 100% organic cotton, handmade, their factories are powered by wind and solar power and their brand adhere the Fair Wear Foundation standards. Born out of Gym and MMA fashion, the Stag & Fist offers minimalistic approach to design and love of everything British and we support them.

Recommended products

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Exceptional educational resources

For all things functional I highly recommend products from the following sources:

Gray Cook (Functional Movement Systems), Eric Cressey, Dean Somerset, Kelly Starrett (MobilityWod, Supple-Leopard, Cross-Fit), Functional-Metabolic training (Alwyn Cosgrove)(The Amazing) Charlie Weingroff, Anatomy Trains (Thomas Myers – Fascial Connections)

For all things body weight, kettlebell, high-tension strength training and calisthenics I tend to go with:  Pavel T. (StrongFirst), Convict ConditioningAl Kavadlo