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Body Fat Target Tool

How much do you have to lose?

This is a free tool to help estimate how much fat you need to lose to get to your physique goal and how long it will likely take. This is the most advanced body fat calculator online with compressive body composition insights.

How does this free tool works?

This useful tool is how we would estimate realistic targets for ourselves and our clients.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Based on your fat levels estimation, we calculate what this fat would account for in mass (i.e. how many kilograms of fat you’re dealing with rather than percentages). We then ask a few follow up questions to estimate distribution, including visceral and stubborn fat.
  • We do a reverse percentage calculation to understand how much fat mass you would have if you were to be very lean (females: 21% / males: 12%) or even ripped (females: 17% / males: 8%) and we deduct that amount to figure out how much you need to lose.
  • We also try and estimate how much glycogen + water retention, muscle mass (current and potential) you may have and how this would affect things.
  • Lastly, we try and estimate a time-frame that would be realistic for the average person to achieve the level of fat loss calculated.

This is an estimate, and it’s not set in stone, but it should give you a realistic starting point to understand how much fat you have to lose.

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