fasting for weight loss

By October 22, 2018Uncategorized

Should you consider fasting for weight loss?

In one word, yes.

There are many aspects to consider when looking at weight loss and we hear a lot of contradicting information. From calories (not everyone believes in calories and the arguments are actually interesting to hear), diets and type of training used to supplements, medications that induce weight loss, and all the way to gadgets you wear to make you sweat.

One thing that maybe interesting to note is that regardless of how much you know and what you believe is the best way forward, the content (i.e. diet and exercise) you choose is not as important as the structure you follow (i.e. food timing, intensity structure). This is where fasting for weight loss comes in.

Here’s the thing. We’ve all experienced (or know someone that has) weight loss in the form of water weight. You know the story, you work hard, sweat, lose a lot of weight. So far so good? You’re happy with yourself and you go on holiday, 2 days in and all the weight comes back.
Most people guilt themselves thinking they have lost weeks of efforts in 2 days. In reality, those efforts weren’t directed at fat loss but rather at weight loss (which can mean water weight), even though unintended. They haven’t lost much body fat and they haven’t gained much body fat – it was always water.

Have a look at this video (3rd tip – the “LION Protocol”):

The reason fasting for weight loss makes so much sense is because of the hormonal responses associated. Consider this:

  • A lion never goes to hunt on full stomach. Fight or flight (which related to adrenaline) is associated with hunger.
  • As soon as your Insulin is up, you can forget about a good adrenaline and growth hormone response from your training – both vital for weight loss.
  • There are other elements associated with fasting that affects well being positively.
  • Two groups of people on the same amount of calories (i.e. same diet and exercise) will perform very differently when they are fasted.

The lesson is, regardless of how much you know about weight loss, fasting is paramount for good results. It’s basic and you should be doing it if you’re serious about working the right way.