Sorry, we no longer do FMS testing.



  • Having practiced the highest levels of the FMS system for years, it was a great starting point.
  • I know too much about it to practice it, it’s a great system but it also produces a ton of false positives and miss a lot of useful information in the process. There’s just too much you cannot catch and see in 7 movement patterns over the course of 10 minutes..
  • While I haven’t completely neglected all FMS material (I did keep some useful stuff), I have moved onto more progressed ways of evaluating movements, on much deeper levels.

Here’s a snapshot of what we do instead 🙂


Functional Movement Screen in London
Used to quickly evaluate a quality of movement with anyone who wishes to improve their training and fitness. The screen consist of 7 movement patterns which require a balance of stability and mobility. Once we expose your weaknesses, we can make you stronger.

Is it reliable?
The FMS (Functional Movement Screen) is a reliable testing method to recognize movement limitations, establish a corrective strategy and gauge progress of movement quality altogether with improvements in fitness. The Functional Movement Screen has been used successfully with thousands of people including athletes, gym goers and all the way to the military special ops.

How we use the FMS
We use the FMS to assess basic quality of movement, predict and prevent the likelihood of injury. We use the FMS as part of our assessment, and cross it with other methods to fully understand how you move and how we can make you move better.

In addition, we also use:

  • 3-Dimensional Core mapping
  • SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment)
  • Joint by Joint Mobility / Stability tests.
  • Gluteus activation and Pelvic Alignment
  • Spinal compression test
  • FRC (Functional range conditioning).
  • RNT (Reactive neuromuscular training)
  • Movement Patterns
  • And more…

Whether your goal is rapid weight loss, to move better, gain strength or to get ripped! Movement First will help you get there. but you also see fast improvements in alignment, pain, mobility and skill.

Human beings are the best movers on the planet

Let's make you a better human

Before we talk sets, reps and essentially ask people to move a lot, we should establish that they can move well.

Gray Cook -Co-founder of the FMS

We recommend the functional movement screen to anyone in London who wishes to engage in physical activity.