Welcome to BellyProof. There are a few things to get in place, a few meals to prep and (quite) a few new exercises to learn. Some people start the next day, others take a few days to prepare and psych up to challenge! It’s all ok, it’s worth doing things right and sometimes doing things right requires getting everything ready.

While you get ready, I want you to do something, rather than just getting ready (and do nothing). The following sections will help you:

  • Start with something right now (almost zero learning)
  • Form some great habits, and get stronger (on the basics and on your joints) so that starting is a breeze.
  • Get past the “urge to stay in bed”. Get past some of the initial shock when you realize your muscles are sore after not using them for a while.
  • This is not an official part of the program, and it will not contribute to weight loss but it will give you a better position to start from.


Break that morning challenge and establish aerobic fitness

  • Get up 10 minutes earlier than you usually do
  • Have a glass of water and a little bit of salt
  • Go for a 5 minutes run around the block

Less than 10 minutes

This helps you establish basic aerobic fitness. You may already have it – but if you struggle with breathing when you go up the stairs or going for a jog, this is a great place to start.

Also, this is a good place to start the habit of doing something, getting up from bed and jumping into a routine.

Overcome initial muscle soreness | Establish a bit of foundation strength

find some time in the day to do the following (estimated 4 minutes in total)

if you cannot do pull-ups, or don’t have a bar available to hang from, use that as an excuse to get it sorted.

5 Negative Push-Ups

5 Negative Pull-Ups

5 Dragon Walks (per side)

Nutrition Challenge

  • Start counting how much sodium and water you are having – you just want to have a clue
  • Make an effort to reduce sugar (but don’t substitute it for stevia, honey or any other sweetener)

Ready for a Good Night?

(estimated time 4 minutes)

40 Seconds Marionette

4-7-8 Toe Touch

Half Turkish Getup

*Optional if you have weak knees / elbows

Let’s get your knees and elbows a bit stronger before you start

This is additional work you can do in the next few days to make yourself a bit more robust. 

Stronger Knees

Find an additional 10 minutes to practice the following:

Stronger Elbows / Wrists

Find an additional 10 minutes to practice the following: