There is a method to creating strength, good calisthenics training needs solid foundations!

Train the body for what you want it to do...not what you want it to look like in still photos

Dr Andreo SpinaCreator of FRC

Welcome to a very different style of training

Progressing movement complexity from basic human patterns to calisthenics coaching in London

Calisthenics training comes from the word “Kalos stenos” in Greek (beautiful strength). The strength part is getting the body into the correct positions (often done faster by relaxing protective tension and methods such as the FRC) and getting static control in specific body weight positions.

The beautiful is making it effortless to move between one strong position, to the next. This is the oldest way of training in the history of mankind and it can be found in the base of dance, gymnastics and many other disciplines.

Why not just gym?

There is a reason we merge Calisthenics training with Functional Range Conditioning. Your Mobility and Strength are interconnected. You could even say that mobility is strength training, done at the end ranges of your movement.

Congratulations! You have just joined a gym, you want to drop fat and build a few muscles. You’re not looking to be a fitness model or a competitive athlete. You just want to be fit and healthy, work on your strength, lose fat and look better.

It might take you a whole year to figure it out but If I can get you there in 2 months… there are two questions you need to ask:

  1. “what’s next?” – do you keep going to the gym, working hard and obsess about which muscles are too small or that last bit of fat? What is more beneficial, getting good control of heavy weights or learning how to control yourself via calisthenics training?
  2. Regardless of how fit you are… Why are you still stiff, tight, injured or even have pain. This is not the healthy, energetic and happy lifestyle you were promised.

Human beings are the best movers on the planet! Is it all about aesthetics? Motivation and hard work? How did we abandon our functional patterns and reduce ourselves to “back and biceps”,”tight hamstrings”, “marathons” and freaking out about the calories we had last night?
This is where calisthenics training and the introduction of functional range conditioning can really make a difference.

calisthenics london


  • In strength, movement patterns and science. 
  • In more than “aesthetics”. Although you’re not going to be ugly, you sexy beast.
  • In making you awesome. Whether it’s big biceps, sexy physique and all the way to how your hips move and how your spine stabilize.
  • In instilling passion in others. Passion to be more, to be better, stronger and healthier. Passion to self develop and become better at being human.
  • Quick-fixes exists, they do, but nothing beats long-term change.
  • In a clean diet. I also believe in fun & junk food every now and again.
  • Training should be personal, we should be friends, be able to have a laugh and be fully devoted to developing you.
  • In biomechanics. The best movers on the planet, yet most of us can barely move and not even know it. I will help you move better, feel better and enjoy a pain-free lifestyle. Even if you’ve seen Trainers, Physios, Osteopaths and more, we don’t even play together.
  • In showing off what calisthenics moves my client has just learned, and be proud of you.

Find passion in becoming the better, awesome and stronger person you can be – I’ll take care of the way.

Human Movement & Calisthenics Training

Traditional training is very much “3 sets of 10”, pushing to failure, sweating and ignoring pain.
We know numbers are not everything and we know exactly what your body should be doing from a movement perspective. How your hips should move, what your pelvis should do and how to correct it on the spot and improve your performance as you get stronger, faster and sexier.

The best calisthenics results can only be achieved by mastering the foundations of controling a movement through functional range conditioning.

If I can give you a better shoulder (mechanically and neurologically) then I can also help you use it better, no matter what movement path we choose.

Discover Calisthenics Training & Functional Range Conditioning.


A great plan is only good when it’s followed. This is why we keep exercise “light” in spirit, and give you motivation and passion to push forward.
With that said, just as a diet can be good or bad, so can certain exercises (like crunches).
Let’s make sure you are motivated to do the right thing and get better results while staying truly healthy.


We like to use a progressive approach to insure you achieve quality recovery that is individual to your needs. Our favorite methods combine Macronutrients, Sports supplementation, Intermittent Fasting (IF), Paleo style diet and educating you about food combinations that can keep your body in great shape, now and in the future.

We know a thing or two about cellular biology. Promise.

Eat Clean & Train Dirty

and never say 'calories', ever


Discover FRC in London – All of our trainers have gone through the Functional Range Conditioning certification developed by Dr. Andreo Spina. This is a cutting edge system, based on a scientific set of principles to affect movement control from the joint outwards. Among the benefits:

  • Reconditioning of tissues (the “hardware” of the body) to support new range of movement, prevention of scar tissue and a body that is truly resilient. You always regret not training weak positions once you get injured in them, Functional Range conditioning allows us to target weak positions and make them stronger.
  • Teach the body how to increase passive range of motion and capture active control of the new range. Passive flexibility (i.e. stretching) is useless mobility, Functional range conditioning shows us how to make the range useful again.
  • FRCms (functional range conditioning mobility specialists) are NOT doing guess work, they are doing strategical work to reset what you perceive as “normal”. This becomes the base to develop your functional patterns in any discipline including post injuries rehabilitation, bodybuilding, general health and especially calisthenics training, martial arts and yoga.
Functional Range Conditioning London

For example, assume you are doing a handstand as part of calisthenics training and you find that you can only fully extend one arm. Through the use of functional range conditioning, we can zone in on different joint functions, like wrist external rotation, shoulder elevation or glenohumeral external rotation. In minutes, we find what’s missing and we work on it – Laser-Targeted!

Improving your human movement and Calisthenics London… There’s no better way to be better.

Jacob Nadav

Jacob Nadav is a professional Personal Trainer based in London, UK.

Specialising in post-rehabilitation & calisthenics, he helps clients move, feel and perform better. He also helps them look jacked, pumped and great in a bikini or a pair of speedos.