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What are macronutrients and why are they so important?

Look at the Macronutrient calculator to find the best Macronutrient Ratio for Fat Loss or for muscle building. Can you imagine how much effect they have when compared to simple calories?

Macronutrients are the three large (or “macro”) nutrient groups that are used in large amounts: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. These are often converted into calories even though the actual ratios between those groups will determine your results. This is why the best bodybuilding foods for bulking are based on high protein rather than a number of calories.

When Macronutrient are used in different ratios, they can help you lose fat, gain muscle or maintain lean mass. They can also affect hormonal responses like testosterone levels or even growth hormone.

It is undeniable that they play a large role in your final body composition.

These hormones can be driven by using macronutrients at different ratios, at different timing and often with some use of natural sport supplements.

This Macronutrient Calculator will help you calculate your ranges, it can be used as a macronutrient calculator for cutting or for muscle gain (bulking).

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The Macronutrient calculator will give you better results if you get your body fat percentage right. Check out our guide and our body fat percentage chart for more ways to calculate body fat.


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