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Quick Solutions to Try:

If you have purchased the program and for some reason access is denied, please try the following:

Power off / Power on

Sometimes internet browsers need a push to refresh the page: log out and back in (to force the permissions to refresh). This usually solves all the problems.


Sometimes browsers save a version of the webpage (for faster loading) – but what if it’s the wrong version? 🙂 This is easy to solve. Try it from a different browser (some people report problems on Safari for IOS) or try clearing the cache – if it worked from a different browser, you can probably solve it on the original browser by clearing the cache.

Did the order actually go through

Not common but some times an order is left unconfirmed. If you just made an order, please check your orders under “My Account” page to verify it’s gone through.

If it still didn’t work

Please get in touch – I’m here to helpThe best way to get me is at [email protected]  – please copy and paste the information you see above (light blue background).

Please be aware that if you haven’t tried the solutions above, the first step is to try them, that’s what I’m going to ask you to do as well as it usually solve 99% of all problems.