From 240 to 202LBS - Enzo's video journal

I have tried counting calories, going low carb, running and the usual chest and triceps combos.
The problem was, while everything I did helped, nothing got me anywhere close to where I needed to be.
One day, I stumbled upon this guy, Jacob. He says stuff that will anger you if you’ve been visiting the gym frequently, going on high protein and counting your calories. But given my circumstances, I was willing to try something new.

Even though this was confusing, it somehow made sense. After all, everything I tried didn’t work to my expectations. There was always something, and here is a guy that calls BS.

It didn’t take long to learn that this program works. An average of 3.8Lbs lost every week and there’s something different about it. It feels better, it’s fat, not water!

There is no going back after doing that. You can’t unsee something, you can’t disregard unanswered questions about calories once they have been asked. You are forced to start thinking about what you are doing and the outcome of it. This is not fitness based on blind faith (were you are told to “keep going…”). It’s science, you do something and you can see the outcome. There is no going back.

Now that I have reached my target weight, I intend to keep a better lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have the odd pancake or pizza – it’s not a punishment and yet I can promise you that my result will only improve overtime.
It’s not to say, it was easy – but it wasn’t that bad and it was fun to do it. It’s very encouraging to see your body changes in front of your eyes and know that you have the power to influence it, faster than you’ve been led to believe before.

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