BellyProof Fat Loss

Body Transformations in 5-6 Weeks

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BellyProof Muscle

Build Muscle and Develop Movement

BellyProof Muscle

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Different Rules, Different Results

Going beyond the mainstream

BellyProofing (Guaranteed Extreme Weight Loss)

This is a code-name for our unique program, based on a non-common set of protocols to lose belly fat fast. Some of the protocols included:

  • Stimulating blood flow to abdominal tissue
  • Breaking fat before burning fat (so we lose fat and not water)
  • Techniques to balance out hormonal factors and cellular function
  • Asymmetrical program design that factors in mobility and motor control aspects.

This is essentially the science of sprints, applied to progressed training methodologies and followed by good nutrition and a lot of research on blood flow and hormones. THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE.

A 5-6 weeks body transformation: in East London (1-2-1) or anywhere in the world (via a well developed online program). We can do it together, adapt as necessary and make sure this happens for you.

There are a lot of free resources on the main website (BellyProof Weight Loss) to educate and improve your weight loss strategy. Alternatively, we welcome you to join the full program and start seeing results by the end of the week (click here to purchase)