BellyProof Fat Loss

Epic Transformation in 5-6 Weeks

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BellyProof Muscle

Build Muscle and Develop Movement

BellyProof Muscle

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“A friendly and refreshing approach that is miles ahead of the personal training industry”.

Jacob Nadav is a Professional Personal Trainer London, UK

Specialising in post-rehabilitation personal training, he helps clients move, feel and perform better. He also helps them look jacked, pumped and great in a bikini or a pair of speedos.

Jacob Nadav

Different Rules, Different Results

Personal Trainer? Yes... and no...

MovementFirst is the brainchild of Personal trainer Jacob Nadav. “We often work with people who experienced the flaws of modern fitness and want something better”. Offering the very best personal training service in London city. You will Move, Feel and Look better. I guarantee it.

Why Mobility First?

Many people get injured after they find a personal trainer! Why? because the focus is often on how much weight, how many reps, how fast etc… We are encouraged to move more before we learn how to move well.

Exercise must build a strong foundation, restore true mobility and establish flawless movement patterns. We offer a simple, well-researched approach to getting you fit, lose weight and become a very strong human being.

The Movement First challenge
Unfortunately, we don’t work with just anyone. We take our reputation and results seriously and want to ensure you do too.

Do these important points apply to you?

  • I am ready to commit at least 6 weeks to changing my life
  • I respect the need for quality movement first and willing to learn from one of the best personal trainers in the field.
  • I understand that creating true change takes time and work.
  • I value my health and my body and view working with MovementFirst as an investment in my future.
  • I want to move better, get stronger, build lean muscle and burn fat!

If you agreed with all of the above, you just took your first steps towards getting the body you want. The next step is to arrange your personal trainer London chat today!

Smart words, Smart people

I didn't invent movement, but I'm smart enough to know how to practice it.

Human beings are the best movers on the planet. Are you working toward better movement or is it all just... aesthetics?

Ido Portal, MovementCulture

Don't put strength on dysfunction. Before moving a lot, make sure you move well.

Gray Cook, Co-founder of the FMS

Correct training should be corrective of something

Dean Somerset

Don’t treat the symptoms, chase the cause! The Best Fitness Trainers realize that the biggest thing you can do for a client is get them to move better.

Luke Summers, KinectHealth UK

Look at a photo of yourself from 10 years ago, it's not you. Cells and tissues regenerate / degenerate. What are you doing to influence the way your body is regenerating?

Dr. Andero Spina - Founder of FRC

BellyProofing (Guaranteed Extreme Weight Loss)

This is a code-name for our unique program, based on a non-common set of protocols to lose belly fat fast. Some of the protocols included:

  • Stimulating blood flow to abdominal tissue
  • Breaking fat prior to burning fat (so we lose fat and not water)
  • Techniques to balance out hormonal factors such as T-Levels, Cortisol, HSD
  • Asymmetrical program design

This is essentially the science of sprints, applied to progressed training methodologies and followed by good nutrition and a lot of research on blood flow and hormones. THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE.

We can do it together, adapt as necessary and make sure this happens for you. A 6 weeks body transformation in London. Alternatively, the program is available to download online. We use a proven format and we have success stories from (literally) every corner of the globe. We can do it in person, or if you prefer, you can follow the guides and do it yourself – here’s a link: to the online program.

personal training

Personal Training in London

Are you trying to lose weight, build muscles and change your physique?

Are you interested in moving better, improving your mobility and posture and developing your strength and knowledge?

We have four main routes we send people through:

  1. Essentials (Mobility, Posture and Basic Motor Control)
  2. Strength and Skills (Calisthenics)
  3. BellyProofing (extreme weight loss)
  4. Muscle Building (non-traditional and a smart approach)

We offer professional and affordable personal training in London, with a twist you have not likely seen before.



Availability through Mon-Sun at varying times.

We currently operate from three facilities located around Liverpool st. and Aldgate station in East London.

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Our personal training methodology focuses on creating controlled movement first. We don’t believe you need a personal trainer to count your sets and reps.


gay personal trainer london

Getting the human body in better condition, is not about motivation!

Are you training your body to work better, move better and be stronger? or Are you training your body to look better in a still photo?

When looking to improve your body with the help of a personal trainer, you must consider a few things. When analyzing how to find a good personal trainer, the main considerations shouldn’t be decided by pricing and the only thing that counts is the professional background, their knowledge and the ability to deliver on this knowledge for the benefit of the clients.

The best personal trainers in the industry shouldn’t be proud of their ability to motivate, because if that’s what personal training is for, then we really undervalue the knowledge and skill required to get the human body in better condition.

I believe that mainstream fitness is over-focused on aesthetics and under-focused on making you move better. Modern exercise primarily looks at variety and intensity, demanding more work in less time. Too few professionals talk about the fundamentals of movement, how you should control your spine, your hips, your wrists etc…

Before you run, squat, push – do you have the prerequisites to control the load on your feet, on your hips? Can you truly control your own body, before trying to control external weights?

We move a lot, but not well. This is why most people who train have pain, injuries or tightness. Most people can’t move well yet are ironically worried about looks, forever obsessing about small muscles or the last bit of fat.

  • Instead of Calories – we think hormones.
  • Instead of “3 more” we think, how can we make you do 3 better.
  • Instead of recommending you a shoe, we will work on correcting foot mechanics.
  • And instead of muscle groups, we think 3D movement patterns.

Changing human movement, is the best thing I can do for someone, well beyond weight loss or building muscles. I employ a mature and advanced technique for manipulating tissues, building “hardware” and developing great “body software” to master control and expand the ability on every joint, every vertebrae and every movement the human body is designed to do.

One of the things that really seperate MovementFirst from most personal trainers in London is our ability to “filter the noise” and focus on the things that are going to create the biggest difference in the shortest amount of time. My promise to you is a simple one: As your personal trainer I will make you look better, lose fat and build muscles in the right places. I will do so while making you stronger, more mobile and a better mover.

As one of London’s best personal trainers, I wish to open your mind and show you a world of better options. To understand more about what it is that I do and how you can benefit from it, download the information pack (link above). I will look forward to meeting you, with a smile, ready to become more.

Speak soon,