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Body Transformations in 5-6 Weeks

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BellyProof Muscle

Build Muscle and Develop Movement

BellyProof Muscle

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Personal Training and Online Fitness Programs

BellyProofing (Guaranteed Extreme Weight Loss)

This is a code-name for our unique program, based on a non-common set of protocols to lose belly fat fast. Some of the protocols included:

  • Stimulating blood flow to abdominal tissue
  • Breaking fat before burning fat (so we lose fat and not water)
  • Techniques to balance out hormonal factors and cellular function
  • Asymmetrical program design that factors in mobility and motor control aspects.

This is essentially the science of sprints, applied to progressed training methodologies and followed by good nutrition and a lot of research on blood flow and hormones. THE RESULTS ARE INCREDIBLE.

A 5-6 weeks body transformation: in East London (1-2-1) or anywhere in the world (via a well developed online program). We can do it together, adapt as necessary and make sure this happens for you.

There are a lot of free resources on the main website (BellyProof Weight Loss) to educate and improve your weight loss strategy. Alternatively, we welcome you to join the full program and start seeing results by the end of the week (click here to purchase)

About MovementFirst

Whether you are training with me in person (here’s how to start with personal training) or whether you are working with the online material, the name of the brand hides a simple truth:

At MovementFirst… wait for it… we place your movement, first! The reason for it is astonishingly simple.

Most training methodologies focus on volume of training (sets, reps, time) over quality of movement. They call it fitness but the truth is a bit more complex than a figure on a paper. If you can’t move well, then you have no business loading a bad movement by moving a lot, with increasing speeds and weights. The problem is, most of us are led to believe that absences of pain means everything is working the right way but this is an unfounded belief.

Let’s say you are doing handstands, or swimming, or lifting weights overhead – you need a good shoulder for any of them. Pain is definitely a problem. But lack of pain doesn’t mean your shoulder joint can move and tracks the right way. There is no logic in loading something that doesn’t move well, that’s getting better at doing the wrong things. By defining a good shoulder and making your shoulder move better, we effectively make you stronger, more resilient as well as increase your performance and reduce your chances of injuries. There will still be coaching for crazy movements, insane strength and great fun – but we place your joints before everything else, as we should.

The same is true for any part of your body. Whether you run, do CrossFit, yoga or lifting weights – you need your body to move well. That’s why I say that you will move better, feel better and look better – the three are interconnected.

I work on a few levels to achieve better results. From nutrition design, movement coaching and all the way to cellular reactions. At the core of everything is movement and exercise design unlike anything you have ever seen. I will help you achieve your goals, but not with the traditional approach. Instead, we will be taking a new and well researched approach that produces faster and better results. This is a guarantee.

Welcome to a new and better ways of training and improving your health and fitness. I can’t wait to get started and help you get stuff you didn’t even know you wanted!


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