Add-ons & Upgrades

BellyProof Premium (upgrade from BellyProof Basic)

Personalized Meal Plan (£60 value)
Abs / V-Cut Guide

Fully integrates with the fat loss program

(£20 value)

Upgrade price: £70 £59 

Abs / V-Cut Mastery

Change BellyProof in a way that helps you build your abs

Cost: £20

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Develop Strength & Muscles in Movement

  • Build muscle in a progressively new and exciting way.
  • Designed to last for years of fun and effective workouts.
  • Develop calisthenics skill, from simple stuff like one arm hanging to full on complex movements such as the human flag.
  • Great framework to allow for mobility, stability and motor control improvements.
  • Available either as a one-off purchase or a subscription.
One off purchase of £399
Subscription - £39 every 3 months

What are the options after 1 year?

(with the exclusion of the ultimate package which lasts for 5 years)

When you buy BellyProof you get access for 1 year. This gives you access to the content (videos / PDFs / Website) at the level you purchased and it includes full support and free updates (when we release updates, they are rolled in automatically).

But what happens if you want to access the program after 1 year and your access expired on you?

Can it not renew automatically?

We used to offer it by default but have now took this option away. This is because a few people got upset and deterred by it and we don’t want to upset or deter anyone, we also don’t want anyone forgetting and then getting upset by a surprise charge, it’s not something we do.

Just want a few more days to finish something off?

  • If you are just in the middle of it and need to extend by a few more days, that’s cool. Just let us know. The system will still expire it (it’s automatic) but we can give you access manually for a few days free of charge.

Want to renew for another year, have access to the system and perhaps do another round?

  • We offer renewals at £15,£25 or £40 depends on how long ago your access expired. Look at the top of the page and select the first option in the form above.