It’s holiday time

Please be aware, I’m on (a well-deserved) holiday until the 22nd of May.

  • I’ll still be able to provide support etc.. however I only have about 60 minutes in the evening and 10-15 minutes in the morning to do it. So please be patient if you don’t hear right back.
  • I’m expecting a lot of emails (there are a ton of people on the program after all…) – please keep it short so I can get through your email and everyone else.
  • Most of the questions I get have already been answered within the website / PDFs etc… some even highlighted in more than one place. Most people just ask which I usually don’t mind. During the next few days, can you please make sure you had a good look before you send questions.
  • If for any reason you can’t access the program – please mark it as urgent and I’ll try to help you on the go.

Yours faithfully (even on holiday) 🙂


Contact Us

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