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Feature request

We are actively working to develop the website and improve your experience. As part of it, we want to hear from you!

You can now ask for specific features to be added and we will look at ways to get them integrated.


Currently on our priority list:

  • Workout configurator so that you can zone in on the parts that matters to you more effectively and time it right.
  • Update some of the demos with new footage and instructions
  • More free videos on youtube covering a wide range of subjects that we often get asked about.
  • Sick mode / Holiday mode – to help you breakaway correctly when you need to.
  • Tweaking wizards along the way – to help you target more overall oxidation or better target alpha-2 receptors depending on your physique. Also wizards to help you identify errors, configure your schedule better and smash through any sticking points more intuitively.
  • Tweaks to capacity inputs in BP muscle to allow easy updating and a more transparent way of displaying of the how we calculate each volume so that you understand what you are doing better.

Problem displaying this form?

There is a problem at the moment displaying the contact form in Firefox (we are checking with them to see how this can be fixed). If you are using any other browser and the contact form does not display – please get in touch with us here: