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Welcome to Movement-First, the one place for men and women to be to get real results with professional personal training in London. The standard and quality of our methods goes beyond anything you’ve encountered before (that’s a promise) to get you the results you want and the function your body needs.

It’s true that there are many personal trainers in London, promising results. While it’s mostly better to train with a personal trainer than to do it on your own, no personal trainer can come close to a specialized functional training specialist.

There is a reason Movement First is at the top of the food chain when it comes to personal trainers in London. We are proud to be part of a small group of trainers and therapists who are pioneering the functional movement systems approach in the UK and one of the few personal training facilities to be actively promoting safe and ultra-effective personal training in London.


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Experience functional training.
Based on calisthenics, postural training and FMS philosophy.
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There is far more to Personal Training than pushing people or cheering them up.
so much more...

Functional Training and Movement Patterns Profiling

  • Personal trainer LondonOn the first session, you will under go a full screening process (Functional Movement Screen / SFMA / Personal training assessments). This is a step above personal training and the best way to detect and expose strengths and weaknesses in the way you move and function. If fitness is all about moving, then as your personal trainer, I’d like to make sure that you only load good movement and correct faulty movement to allow you to avoid injuries and train with better results.
  • Functional training – training movement patterns rather than muscles. Train every muscle in your body and besides spending hours in the gym, you still avoided movement. On the other hand, train all the movements and you work all the muscles. Functional training helps your body move the way it was designed to.  That’s fitness done right.
  • What is the logic? Before encouraging people to lift heavy weights, run a lot and take the time to become super-active for a few hours a week, we really should look at how they do it. The fitness industry doesn’t look beyond muscles, fat and motivation, this is the sort of skill the average personal trainer receives. Common sense have no place. It’s not possible to coach you to be “unstiff” or “more stable” – it needs to be addressed. Expose the factors that limit your progress and achieve the foundations you need to make sure your training lead you towards a physique that is both functional and good-looking. Better yet, this type of personal training will achieve better results, safer and in significantly less time.
  • As your personal trainer, I’m looking to get you into the best shape of your life, in as little as a few months. That includes weight loss, new levels of strength and fitness and a healthy body that moves freely and function well – effectively raising the bar for fitness and personal trainers in London.

You already look good, I can make you look better.

My focus was not always about movement and function. My journey started with traditional training methods focusing on creating body transformations.

To be more specific, I studied the techniques used for celebrity personal training, most of them are being employed to create “red carpet” physiques to this day.

Taking and meeting multiple challenges to help dozens overcome barriers, lose weight and change their lives and their physiques. 

My clients include anyone from unfit desk junkies and obese people to fitness models, brides and actors. All of whom are enjoying a lean physique and a sexy set of muscles that really makes other people want to join a gym.

Change your body shape with MovementFirst and enjoy the best Personal trainer London. 

Try a personal training session today and change the way you look at health and fitness!

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For the best personal trainer London - go with MovementFirst  

Some men want a strong and athletic body, others want a lean frame with a six pack and impressive arms, while some want a bodybuilder type physique with muscles that shows.
One thing is clear, we can't train the same way and expect a different result.

Let me show you things about stuff.
Big / Ripped / Strong / Athletic - it's all possible!
"Training makes me feel great, but I'm getting too bulky".
Most of the information we get from the internet, magazines and classes is driven by ideas from the world of bodybuilding.
We don't want too muscly and we definitely don't want too flabby. We just want everything to be tight and radiate with good posture and great health.

Bond girls trains differently.
Lifting light weights, many times, is often mistaken for muscle toning.

In reality, this is known as pumping and it creates the illusion of tone as the blood is rushing into the muscles making them "fuller" for a short while, and more vascular in the long run.

Tone = Tonus = Tension, and it's a function of your nervous system.
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Muscle Tone is a function of the nervous system.
Let me get on your nerves.


The closest London underground station is  Liverpool Street station  - Our personal training is done in a Fitness First gym just outside Liverpool Street station (Marks and Spencer’s end), and only 6 minutes walk from Moorgate station, right at the heart of the city of London!

Fitness First Broadgate
1 Broadgate Circle

Gym opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 6:30 – 21:00

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