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Personal Training in London

I help people move better, feel better and become more resilient. I also help them look jacked, pumped and great in a bikini or a pair of speedos.


  • I want you to feel welcome! Black or white, gay or straight, an elite athlete or a keyboard warrior. As long as you are friendly – we’ll make great things happen.
  • From accurate Mobility & Calisthenics to a full Body Transformation in 5 weeks (inc. belly fat) – better science, better training and better results (guaranteed).
  • I am a trainer who coach other trainers, I train GPs, models, actors, pro-athletes, CEOs and a lot of ordinary people – you’re in good hands. Keep reading…

Let’s Get Started

  1. Fill in the form below – give me an idea of who you are and what you want to achieve. I’m friendly, I don’t judge and I’m genuinely here to help.
  2. Ideally, let me buy you a coffee / tea and meet for a quick chat. It’s a chance for us to meet, answer some questions (I use very different methods after all, you might want to know some of the scientific reasons for that…) and also get to know you and your background a bit better.
  3. Let’s do something great.

My name is Jacob Nadav and I’m not an average fitness expert.

Getting qualified as PT is not a big deal, honestly, they teach you some physiology, calories, workloads known to trigger strength, endurance etc… They teach you some coaching techniques and how to motivate people. They had the basic skills to teach me the basic stuff, but could never answer any non-basic questions.

Most trainers stop at this point, they get “a bit of science”, some experience and a bunch of favourite exercises they keep giving to everyone. Some trainers go to get “ideas”, learning how to operate a new piece of equipment like a TRX, dieting methods, boxing techniques or what have you not.

I spent my time and money elsewhere, and a lot of both:

  • I have trained in many functional systems, all useful to some extent. I got so much “field” experience in them that I can tell you exactly why I would use one thing and not the other, where they fall short and where to go next.
  • I have hired some of best manual therapists in the UK to teach me, learning unique methods from them as their student and working with them later as colleagues.
  • I’ve learned directly from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Dr. Charlie Weingroff (training = rehab), Dr. Andreo Spina (FRC), Dean Somerset, Dr. Lee Burton (FMS) and more…
  • I spent over a year with elite movement specialists who have gone through many years under the instruction of Ido Portal, Gymnastic Bodies and more… clever people who were happy to teach me.

I’ve coached (and was coached by) so many people. Some of them are models / actors. Some of them have been through every physio alive before meeting me (and my gang of FR manual therapists). Some of them are medical professionals and some of them are personal trainers themselves who wanted to learn a thing or two.

You could say I’ve been around and I never stopped learning… it’s my passion and I’m happy to help! 🙂

Personal trainer in East London

Located in East London

just 4 minutes journey from Canary Wharf


Fitness4Less, 30A Barking Rd, London E16 1EQ

Adjacent to Canning town Station (Jubilee Line / DLR – Zone 3)

Available times:

  • Mon-Fri 06:30 am to 20:30 pm
  • Weekends  08:00 AM to 18:00 PM

Pricing & Packages

Premium PT starting at £59 per session


  • Please bring a pad-lock and towel if you wish to use the changing facilities.
  • Prices are inclusive of everything (your gym membership / fees are on me).

Starter Package (a great option for new clients only) – £149

  • Includes 2 Sessions
  • Detailed mobility assessment
  • Learn to execute Functional Range CARs + basic ELDOA strategies
  • Get accurate insight about your body that help you drive better decisions + personalized report. Once you understand how broken mainstream  fitness is and what’s a better way, there’s no going back.
  • Guaranteed mind-blowing

This is a crucial first step to a better you and it’s different than anything you have come across before.  This package allows you to explore the basics before committing further. If you start with a bigger session package, we still go through the foundations first.

Packages for Extreme Body Transformations in London


  • Guaranteed results in 5-6 Weeks
  • Includes the full program
  • Includes a personalized meal plan
  • Scroll here for more info
body transformation london

See more: Client Testimonials, Before and After Results – we got plenty!

Session / Monthly Packages

  • Full flexibility to work on mobility, movement, calisthenics or muscle building
  • Great for on-going, great work and long-term results.

Option 1: PAY AS YOU GO

Get block sessions and use them when and where (expansive but flexible)


Commit to do 1,2 or 3 sessions a week and pay a cheaper rate. This is preferable if you are serious about showing up and doing the work.

personal trainer prices London


make things work nice



Calisthenics training in London

V.I.P / Celebrity Training

I am used to working with high profile individuals and happy to help. Here’s what you need to know:

  • I have an entire gym to myself in the city of London on weekends. Completely private. 
  • I do prioritize high profile cases ahead of other personal training clients – but I keep everyone happy. I would consider joining you overseas in some cases if we plan it ahead.
  • If you are within reasonable travelling distance, I can come to you if you have a private gym.
  • I know it’s not easy being a celebrity, you’re being judged on every turn and people look at you for your career. I want to reassure you that while we keep it fun and have a laugh, there is no judgement – I’m gay friendly, I’m super-professional and I look at you as a person and a project – not as an opportunity to be famous on Instagram.
  • I am well aware of privacy and data confidentiality. I will not blab about training you, but I can’t guarantee you won’t want to do the same yourself 🙂
  • I can work alongside your agent and your time schedule.
  • In regards to body transformations: I don’t play well with other trainers / nutritionists as usually there is a big information gap which will result in conflicting advice. If you need a quick body transformation, I will ask you to follow my protocol alone and I do guarantee the results.


  • Please bring a pad-lock and towel if you wish to use the changing facilities.
  • Prices are inclusive of everything (your gym membership / fees are on me).

How is this different?

Keep reading...

gay personal trainer in londonMost people think they are not achieving their fitness goals because they need to work harder but the truth is that the fitness industry often asks you to work on the wrong things.

Yes. I know a lot about mobility and I have a six pack. I also like food, a good coffee and my face melts with joy every time I see a cute dog running. You might expect another personal trainer that counts your sets and reps, take selfies for their social following and asks you to ear your protein and count your calories… but I’m not here to do that.


This is next-generation training, for old-generation people (I don’t mean age-wise).

Training for those who already understand how misleading and broken the fitness industry is, and want something better.

Training for those who aren’t afraid to throw old concepts out of the window, and learn something new.

Better Science. Better Training. Better Results.


The Movement First challenge

Unfortunately, we don’t work with just anyone. We take our reputation and results seriously and want to ensure you do too.

Do these important points apply to you?

  • I am ready to commit at least 6 weeks to changing my life
  • I respect the need for quality movement first and willing to learn from one of the best personal trainers in the field.
  • I understand that creating true change takes time and work.
  • I value my health and my body and view working with MovementFirst as an investment in my future.
  • I want to move better, get stronger, build lean muscle and burn fat!

If you agreed with all of the above, you just took your first steps towards getting the body you want. The next step is of course to get in touch in the form above.

We balance three directions.

Mobility / Movement Focused

A wise man once said “Train your body for how you want it to work, not just how you want it to look on Instagram”.

Most people define their fitness by how much volume they can do and how they look, rather than how well their joints are moving as they do it. The truth is, when joints move badly, you have no options but to compensate.

If your only option is to compensate, and often you’re not even aware of it, then all you’re doing is putting strength on dysfunction. I’m in the business of giving you more options and making stuff work nice.

I help you identify what does and doesn’t work nice, limitations you didn’t even know you had. You will see things you never saw before, and won’t be able to unsee.

It’s a lot of work, it’s endless… but everything you achieve is yours to keep. And I can help you achieve so much function, that much I guarantee.

Whether it’s about learning to do handstands or solving a problem with the hip. This is powerful, next-level work, for anyone who wants to move better, learn how to produce strength and stability from the ground up and have a new level of control.


Look Good in the Buff (codename: BellyProof) – 5 Weeks Body Transformation Program to Lose Stubborn Fat

We all want to look great, with and without clothes on and I have a track record in helping people do just that and quickly. I offer a unique and well researched approach to help you achieve a fantastic body transformation in Canary Wharf, London (or worldwide via the online program).

Want to look good and have a hot bod? I can make it happen.

You will build muscle and burn fat faster by optimizing every part of the biological sequence. From how much hormones your body is secreting at night to how well it delivers them through blood circulation. It’s all about the sequence and It’s hard work (yes.. there are exercise and nutrition involved on a different scale!) but it’s fun and you can see results from the first week. It’s also for everyone, it’s affordable and it’s adaptable to any fitness level. 

You can follow my body transformation program online (anywhere in the world) or do your body transformation in London with me (prices here)

You are invited to check online for dozens of my results with clients over just 5-6 weeks. I absolutely guarantee your results.


Longevity / BioHacking

On top of everything we do, we put a big focus on introducing optimizations into your life. You don’t have to be a health freak to want to sleep better, feel better and have a more resilient body.

Resilient body isn’t just how strong you are, it’s also how supple your joints are and the integrity of your cells’ membrane. There are many steps we can take to improve all of that, quickly and the results are noticeable to a large degree.

The biggest areas we optimize are:

  • Your sleep (not just quality / quantity).
  • EMFs and cellular integrity.
  • Gut Health (Lining, Parasites, PreBiotics and ProBiotics).
  • Daily sequencing of Insulin / Growth hormone and Adrenaline  – partly via our proprietary intermittent fasting method.
  • Introducing advanced mobility concepts into your morning and evening routine. Think stem-cells, pushing synovial fluid and mobilizing the fluid in your spine.

I often work with people who experienced the flaws of modern fitness and want something better. 


What is traditional fitness vs what is the MovementFirst approach?

Many people get injured after they find a personal trainer! Why? because the focus is often on how much weight, how many reps, how fast etc… We are encouraged to move more before we learn how to move well.

That means that if we can’t do something, normally we are asked to do it anyway (badly) with less intensity or by using a machine, hoping that we’ll get stronger and that bad movement will disappear. It doesn’t. We get stronger and our bad movement persist, we just become less aware of it. Until one day, we realize what we’ve done.

Exercise must build a strong foundation, restore true mobility and establish great movement & motor control. I offer a simple, well-researched approach to getting you fit, lose weight and make you a very strong human being.

At movement first, we place your movement… first. Quality before quantity.

It’s a premium experience but I make sure that affordable personal training is available to anyone.

personal training in canary wharf

Imagine you go into a gym, with an exercise plan (either off the internet or off a personal trainer) and you are asked to do a squat (because you believe it’s functional, because you believe it will help you lose weight or because you believe it will build your muscle – all are true, all are general).

If you can’t do that squat, you will be often asked to do one of the following:

  • Squat anyway, with bad form, with less weight – hoping that as you get stronger the movement will correct it self.
  • Squat half way into a box / bench, assuming if you get good at partial range, you will eventually get good at the whole range.
  • Not squat, but rather replace natural movement for a machine like the leg-press – because it does exactly the same… right?
  • Adjust your starting position by either squatting with your heels elevated or holding a weight / trx in-front of you. Which could be valid as a gradual corrective strategy,,, but instead we see people doing it years later… with just more weight which is essentially loading a compensation with heavy weight.

We look at it completely differently!

  • How much does your ankle bend (dorsiflexion) and how much control have you got over it.. is it just a matter of building strength or do we need your body to build a better ankle by using elements of tissue plasticity?
  • How much hip flexion have you got? Is it independent of your pelvic tilt (common way to compensate)?
  • Have you got enough thoracic extension to keep the alignment of the movement?
  • Have you got enough external rotation and abduction in your hips before we ask you to “keep your knees out”, can you physically do it from the right place?
  • Can you arch your foot, or is it not stable enough and collapsing which drags your knees into valgus?

Most people join the gym and assumes that just because they don’t have pain, they can do everything. But:

  • If your hip doesn’t flex to the degree you need to when you try hard… why would you assume it will flex when you’re not even trying (for example, during a squat)? Are doing the movement by flexing it or by tilting your pelvis forward (running into your buffer)? Have you tested it or do you just assume?
  • Does giving you a cue (like “chest out”,”move your knee out”, “ass to grass”) really solve the problem of you not being able to do something? Can willpower and determination bypass what you can and can’t do – or do you need a more specific strategy than “try harder…”?
  • Do you have the prerequisites to achieve the joint positions required by the move? Do you have enough motor control to stabilize and control it? If not… there is no way you are not compensating. You get that right?
  • If your only option is to compensate… what are you really doing by loading it 3 times today, 10 times next week and with 50kg a year from now? Are you getting stronger? Sure… is all strength equal? No…  which brings us to the next section:

Dealing with injuries, previous injuries, post-rehab

Continuing from the example above (not being able to squat well), please imagine you sprain your ankle, or you tear down your ACL in your knee.

They operate on it and ask you to rest until it doesn’t hurt anymore (which is the point private insurance would also stop covering you… FYI). But is the lack of pain is fixing the bad movement that caused the injury? Could it be that the bad ankle / knee is actually good, but over-worked due to other parts of the kinetic chain not doing their job? Did an injury cause bad movement or did bad movement cause an injury. The answer is probably both.

More important, If your injury has in-fact been properly rehabilitated… how come you get injured again? That’s a great question you should be asking!personal trainer london

The way I see it:

  • It’s better to test rather than assume. I’m a fitness expert with a good eye for movement and I can tell you that even the best personal trainers in the industry won’t be able to see everything that’s going wrong with a movement.
  • The kinetic chain is still pushing excess forces onto some segments. For example: if your hip doesn’t work the way a hip should, your knee will over-work… regardless of how “rehabilitated it is”. By giving you the option to move your hip better, we are giving your body the option not to compensate through the knee.
  • Our body degenerate and regenerate. If we are waiting for it to “heal” from an injury without giving it directive, it will create scar tissue. This is tissue that has a messy collagen structure and it can’t deliver good proprioceptive signals which are essential for motor control, stability and strength production, We need to re-create tissue (ideally at the rehab stage.. but we must go through it regardless) that is useful, by using force and directions (the language that your cells speak…). That’s exactly where traditional rehab often fails.
  • An injury happens when a tissue is exposed to forces it can’t handle. Those forces are angle-specific. It’s impossible to prevent all injuries but we can damn right prepare for one and reduce any effect it may have in as many angles as possible. You do it by expanding your movement variability, your options to move without over-using one single segment continuously (compensation).

Am I medical professional?

No! I’m a personal trainer and I’m not a medical professional.

I do however have extensive knowledge (far more extensive than some medical professionals) when it comes to making your joints work nicer. I would trust a good medical professional for medical diagnosis. They (should) have the skills to run blood-work and tell you if the back-pain you’re feeling is actually pancreatic cancer. I can’t tell you that but they can. They can also run MRIs, identify broken bones and ligaments.

This is where I trust them to do an excellent job. My trust with them ends in regards to rehabilitation of movement / joints building a body that is resilient and capable of dealing with forces (expected as in certain sports, or unexpected as in accidents).

Most medical professionals in the field would address these by telling you to stretch, foam-roll, take pain-killers and rest a lot… that’s hardly going to make a positive effect on the joint… just on your pain levels.

So what about pain? And when do I involve medical professionals?

You were not meant to be in pain, fragile or broken – not by the time you’re 50 and definitely not in your 20s or 30s. I’ll show you the way forward (guaranteed).

Resolving pain is the first thing we do because building strength relies on you being resilient. We make things work better and we do it quickly, very quickly. It’s all about strategy. Sometime’s I can get you out of pain in 10 seconds – that would be a short term strategy, making you feel better now. A long term strategy is working on the deficits that leads to that pain in the first place, this takes time and it’s 100% worth doing. 

As a functional range conditioning mobility specialist I am able to show you how to get more flexibility (passive range), turn it into mobility (active), and help your body direct force to generate new ligaments, tendons or other… stuff… this is not therapy (per say). Although we (experienced FRCms people) have been known to resolve issues that traditional physical therapy does’t have tools to properly address.

I maintain a strong connection to other like minded individuals within different parts of the health industry. Some of best manual therapists in London with a mobility background as well as specialists and medical professionals in different fields. I know what they can do because we have trained on some of the methodologies together and in the rare occasion, such as complex neurological issues, deep degenerative changes or when a low level movement is causing an inflammation – I will move you in the right direction and set you up with some very capable people, always in good hands!

Personal Training with personality, not vanity.

In In a fitness world dominated by body image, Instagram and loud teenagers many groups are feeling left out.

  • If you are interested in Movement, more often than not, you will struggle in gyms which are orientated towards weights and machines.
  • If you are gay, you might feel that a lot of gyms are very Testosterone driven. It’s all “who can lift more” and there’s lack of social connections and higher level training.
  • If you are a woman, everyone assumes you need help with everything you do and that the only way forward to you is to squat because that’s what girls on the internet do.
  • If you want to improve your posture or work on an injury, you are cornered to a small “stretch area” or “yoga classes” while 90% of the gym space is dominated by loud teenagers.
  • If you finally give up and work with a personal trainer, you often find most of them only makes you feel welcome if you follow their narratives of “protein, calories and hard work”, rather than understanding their’s more to the human body than just sets and reps.

I recognize those problems and I aim to offer something different, higher caliber and higher class yet truly welcoming to those who are interested in something a bit more real and personal. I am proud to be movement friendly, higher-knowledge friendly, LGBT friendly and in general friendly. I am here for you so we can work on something that matters to you, without assumptions. At the end of the day, we are all people and we don’t have to settle for mediocrity.

I know myself that when all you hear is “I’m doing cardio” or “I’m doing chest and triceps”, finding room to chat about higher concepts, learn and evolve – it becomes redundant in traditional environment and it’s important to show by example that there is an alternative to those interested in bettering their bodies – and not just for the sake of telling everyone about it.

I view fitness and training as an environment to better yourself, not just demonstrate skills you’ve got. Not a place to judge people but a place to practice, evolve, interact and grow.